The Cat Fashion Show

I was reminded several times this week that in Anchorman, Veronica Corningstone's first assignment is to cover a cat fashion show.


Well she ended up the co-anchor of World News. Maybe I can land somewhere around there too.

I can't give too many details of the actual event - ask me in person because it was completely hilarious - but I have to say this entire experience has reinvigorated my faith in the human condition. Seriously, the fashion show was THAT good.

Basically, this all came out of five random emails to five people I'd never met, who either liked my idea or liked my resume or had nothing better to do than indulge some kid fresh out of college who is desperate for employment. In short, it was a series of random events that culminated in one happy boy dancing in his underwear on a Saturday morning. I don't know where he came from, but I quickly hurried him out of the apartment and that's when I saw the paper.

ANYWAY, there will be more stuff coming soon, but this cat fashion show just dominated my life for the last week in a way that only a cat fashion show can dominate.

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